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5 reasons we love Harry Potter more than Twilight

1. A Better Universe

Think about all the wonderful things we know about J.K. Rowling's wizarding world: where they shop, what they eat, what kind of prejudices their society has. Consider all the side characters she stacks the stories with: Neville Longbottom, Arthur Weasley, even Lee Jordan, the Quidditch announcer. We know them.

By contrast, what do we know about the world of Twilight? Three things: Good vampires don't bite people. Vampires and werewolves don't like each other. Vampires like baseball. That is all.

2. Better acting

The werewolf in Twilight is played by human action figure Taylor Lautner. He is undoubtedly a nice boy, but no one would disagree with the assertion that he is more famous for his workout regimen than anything he's done on-screen.

3. Better villains

It might not be fair to compare Harry Potter and Twilight on this issue; after all, Lord Voldemort is one of the greatest villains in recent 'pop-culture history'. Voldemort is a genocidal dictator who scares people so much, they won't even say his name. He wants immortality and will do anything (even drink unicorn blood!) to get it. He killed Harry's parents -- and tried to kill Harry -- when our hero was just a defenseless baby.

But even without being compared to Voldemort, the bad guys in Twilight are weak.  You could make the case that Bella's inevitable aging is the real villain of Twilight!

4. Healthier attitudes toward sex

In Twilight, everyone talks about sex all the time, and how bad and horrible and awful and wonderful it would be. In Harry Potter, no one talks about sex at all!

5. It has lasted longer

We have grown up with Harry Potter! The years-long gap between films and movies filled us with anticipation. Each new release is an event.

Twilight is much more ephemeral. The books have been out only since 2005. The films, rushed into production in case the trend should dissipate. There's no waiting around, but there's also no growing old with the characters. Twilight is undoubtedly a commercial enterprise -- more than $1 billion internationally for just the first two films -- but it's simply not a lasting cultural one.

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Jorge Fernandez dijo...

Harry Potter and Twilight are the same for me because I dont like any of these books or fims,they don't call my atention. Any of these are better or worst for me.
I like other kinds of books or films like "the Godfather" o "Transporter".

David Campoy dijo...

Well, I recgnise that I have seen all the movies of Crepusculo and Harry Potter, but I have not do it because I love the actors or the film. I have seen them because most of my friends like them. I always say: ´´ I do not want to see these films. They are boring and they are not interesting. ´´ But the said that I am sick. I have the same opinion about Harry Potter. It has not got a real topic. Everyone knows that magic does not exist. I will never understand people who became addicted to this type of movies. They do not know that the best films are The Lord of the Rings and Disney movies.

Manuel Martínez dijo...

Hello! I have not seen "Crespúsculo" but if I saw "Harry Potter". For me "Harry Potter" is a hit movie, but the story is based on a magic little credible to the public. But there are other science fiction films including: "Yo, Robot". Shows a plot more futuristic but very believable. Goodbye! :)

Sara Serrano Amaro dijo...

I read "Harry Potter 1" when I was 7 years..
Since then, I love Harry Potter.. and I needed read Harry Potter..
The last year, I read Twilight too.. I like Twilight.. but I think Harry Potter is better than Twilight
For me, Harry Potter are the best books in the last 15 years.

Leticia Rodríguez dijo...

I love Twilight. I haven't read any book of Harry Potter or Twilight but I have seen the first two H.P movies and all of Twilight. Why I prefer Twilight?
1º The male characters are very very good ... 2º Each Twilight book contains new adventures but HP are all at the same structure. 3º H.P are seven books and them are boring. Twilight is four and very exciting.
4º I prefer vampires than witches.
5° Finally, when I was little I was afraid of H.P because I was very scary and then I watched the first two movies and now I haven't see more. For all this: I prefer Twilight. Bye bye

NNazaret dijo...

Hi! I come back to the blogspot world.

I think Harry Potter is better than Twilight. The wizard's story is about the friendship and love too, and the relation with the teachers and mates in the magic world. Twilight is a very superficial book. Yes, it might be a "romantic" story, but the four books tell the sexual tension between a human and a vampire. I think that the real eroticism of the vampire figure is perfectly notorious in the Bram Stoker's Dracula, and in the Gary Oldman's film, not in a sparkly guy with a perfect hair.

By the way, I recommend the film "Vampires Suck", in spanish "Híncame el diente". I really laughed out loud.

See you! :)

Paloma Antón dijo...

Hi!I haven´t seen Harry Potter, alone see the first movie because I don´t like it. I prefer Twilight because I liking more this type of movies, I like very much the actors and the history of love between Bella and Edward.

Kisses! :D

Sandra :) dijo...

Hi! :)
Well, I don't know writer in English but I try.
I prefer Harry Potter, of course!! :) I started to read books thanks to HP like a lot of people, I think ;) Twilight is a copy of other book (like Margarita said :)) and a lot books and films are, actually, same and all this things make that Twilight is boring (esto último lo he escrito... no se como, espero que lo entendáis)
The Harry Potter's books are love, happiness, magic... HP is a book that you never forget because he's grown with us.
PD: I'm sorry for my english :(

Raquel dijo...

I like the bunnies movies!!!!!
They are very, very, very funny :D

fatima dijo...

Well...for me the Harry Potter is better than Twilight.I have read all books and i have seen his films.I think that Twilight is for teens and Harry Potter for children.

Fatima hernandez

Encarni López dijo...

hello!!! I think that Twilight is much better than harry potter.Firstly because the twilight actors are prettier than those of harry potter and twilight is better suited to teenagers.And Secondly I love stories but as twilight that such fantastic stories told in harry potter because the truth is that I find quite boring. goodbye

Ana Belén Díaz dijo...

Well, I like Twilight only for Jacob. :D He is the best character in the book for me.... It's true that the characters appart from Jacob,:P are too simple. It was a story incredible the first time I read it but if you read the four books twice, three times... again and again you realize they are not very good.
If I have to choose I will choose Harry Potter books because there are DIFFERENT characters who live in a DIFFERENT world and very importat: they don't spend all the book speaking about the same topics. In Twilight Bella is always sad and she is always regreting about what she does. These parts of Twilight makes me feel depressed.
Reading Twilight many times can be boring.
I prefer not to waste my time reading books like these because there are other types of books like "The pillars of the heart" which are waiting to be read. I can describe this book because it's simply brilliant!

Ana Belén Díaz dijo...

Ui perdon es an incredible story no a story incredible . Ha sido un lapsus

Ana Belén Díaz dijo...

Perdón de nuevo la última frase de mi comentario es : I can't describe this book because it's simply brilliant!
Me he comido la negación

Ana Mari Cortes dijo...

In my opinion Twilight is much better than Harry Potter because the characters are much better and much less children than in HP, but little I can say about HP because I've only read the first book and it's depressing, I do not like. Goodbye

Rocío Cortés dijo...

From my point of view I prefer Twilight to Harry Potter, because the subject matter in Twilight is more my style, (love, intrigue, mystery and it is based on the unreal). I have seen the three films, but I only have read the first book of Twilight. Harry Potter I've only seen the first film and me appeared too fantastic and is a little childish.

Ignacio José Mena González dijo...

My I don´t like this types of movies especially twilight, I prefer them of action and of suspense they call the attention, though also me the warlike kind pleases very much as for example the Collapse and of suspense and fear as seven or saw but undoubtedly my favorite movie is gladiator.

francisco jose alarcon garcia dijo...

I think harry potter is more interesting from my point of view because Twilight is more like love and stuff. I prefer fantasy harry potter because it has comedy and terror. But no more like Twilight because I do not like these topics, and seen all the harry potter but Twilight and seen m the second and almost fall asleep from boredom.

Vicente Torres dijo...

Well,I am agree with the title of this section.

Harry Potter was a hit for all people. Children, teens or adults know who's Harry Potter. I loved Harry Potter films, they have got all that I need on a movie as mistery, action,suspense... but the latest stories are not really good so they have lost thousands of fans.
Instead, The twilight Saga is not a film that i like too much. The idea is good and i have seen all films and i'm going to see the next because my sister and my girlfriend love it but i think they have focused too much on the romance rather than action.
I respect all opinions but my favourite will be always Harry Potter.

Silvia Molina dijo...

Well, for me Twilight is much better than Harry Potter, because I think Harry Potter is too bored, I only saw the first film because I don't like it, but Twilight is fantastic, I love this film. I saw the films four times and now I look forward to see the next part. My favourite tipe of films are love as Twilight and comedy films, for me this are the best films.

Ana Maria Calero dijo...

I love harry potter and twilight, although I haven´t the books I´ve seen the movies and really are great, I like twilight because that is a love story and I like harry potter because it is a story of adventure, magic and mystery My opinion is that they are one of the best movies I've seen.

José Luis Expósito dijo...

Hi everybody!
The thing is many people say HP is worse because of the characters but, how many of those who say that have red all the books? Of course the characters are children in the first book: they're 11! One of HP main good points is that the characters mature, grow up with the differents books. From ''The Goblet of Fire'' to the end, we can see Harry and the others are getting conscience of what's happenning, and they become adults by suffering difficult experiences in their lifes.
Also you cannot even begin to compare them on the point of the universe around the books. Twilight world is just our world with vampires, divided on two groups (good and bad vampires).
Rowling has invented everything on HP. Froms the basics, like the government or the different wizarding schools, to the minimum detail, as hobbies or customs from the world of magic. And still the best left. We know how the secondary characters are. Not only Dumbledore or Malfoy. We know how the new Prime Minister, Rufus Scrimgeour thinks. His opinions, his past... and that happen with most of the characters.
In my opinion, there's noway to compare the two sagas. Hp is more complex, has a better plot, and is not based on an impossible love that along four books is constantly explained from every point of view.
And remember, we're on a reading blog. For me, opinions based on the first three HP films aren't real, because they are nothing compared with the books.

Manuel Jesús Osorio González dijo...

Hello !! I like Twilight more than Harry Potter because is a film which has more contain and situations: action ,love.. but I don´t support Jacob because he wants steal the girlfriend to Edward,is a very heavy person.Is a very good film, I recommend Twilight


Francisco Jesús Jurado López dijo...

In my opinion I like it more because I'm attracted more Twilight the vampire.Harry Potter has action but it isn`t so intense and Crepusculo.Esta fights isn`t as boring as Harry Potter because they are less parts and each part has a different plot.

Mónica Peña Cabello dijo...

Hello! =D
If I could choose between Twilight and Harry Potter would choose both. Harry Potter is boring me to read but has fantastic special effects movie .Crepusculo I like movies and books have a plot that grips more than Harry Potter. In conclusion I stay with them.

Iván Recio Ramírez dijo...

I have seen the films Harry Potter and Twilight, but I haven´t read the books because I don´t like reading and I didn´t like the films because I thought that were of action and terror.

Manuel Jiménez Cañizares dijo...

I have seen the two films, and I like it more Harry Potter that Twilight. I think that Harry Potter has a better story that Twilight because It has more action.

In the one hand, Harry Potter’s films had struck a lot of people in each film.
In the other hand, Twilight’s films had loved a lot of people, but had disappointed a lot of people too. The third film called “Eclipse”, in my opinion, was a very bad film.

In conclusion, I love Harry Potter’s films and I hate Twilight’s films.

Manuel Jiménez Cañizares.

Laura Hoyo Reche dijo...


I have seen both films and I haven′t got any preference because I love the adventures of harry potter and his friends but the love story between Edward and Bella is simply...beautiful.

Macarena Alcalá dijo...

Hi everybody!

Well, I think "Twilight" is better than "Harry Potter".
In my opinion, the saga of J.K. Rowling is too long and has too many characters, impossible to remember them all! Bored me.
However I love "Twiling", the plot is great and I really like their characters. I find most interesting the werewolves and vampires that children's magicians!


Mila Coco dijo...

I hate Twilight so I obviously prefer Harry Potter. I just can´t understand people who love Twilight and are crazy in love with the books and films.
I haven´t seen any of the films but I have read the four books and they are so boring and disgusting. It is always the same thing. The author have written the books in a simple way for teenagers in the present. And most of the teenagers now don´t read books ore good books, so most of them have no idea of what is a good book. And I can´t stand Bella, she is crazy!

Harry Potter are not my favourite books but I must say they are simply brilliant. Rowling writes the books very very good, and for all ages. The characters are so funny and good described, it likes I know them all my life. My favourite character is Hagrid. He is soooo funny! He is always saying things and tips to Harry that he mustn´t. And then he say: "No debí decir eso, no debí decir eso".

I like the books and films, specially because there are serious moments but also love and funny scenes. Every book is different with another problem and challenge. By the time Harry grows up, his life is more real and dangerous, he have a serious problem with Voldemort.