lunes, 30 de noviembre de 2009

The Masque of the Red Death

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Sandra and Vane dijo...

(Final alternativo)
...Prince Prospero looked for a beautiful woman to dance with her. Between his friends highlighted some red lips that smiled and some black eyes that shone. The woman had a mask in the hand that covered her face. She wore a marvellous red dress and a black necklace. The prince approached her and they started dancing. When the song finished the woman left without saying anything and she came back with two glasses of wine. Prince Prospero drank it and he started to feel pain. He looked around but he didn`t see anybody. Then, he started bleeding. The woman threw the mask away. She was ugly and frightening. She took the prince in her arms and left.
The doors opened one by one, showing his transparent friends; they were ghosts, they were dead!
First, the blue room opened and then, the purple, the green, the orange, the white, the violet...
People followed the woman to the last room: the black and red room.
The fires went off.
The woman came into the room and then she waited for the other people to go inside the black clock.
The last one was the woman with the prince in her arms.
Dying prince Prospero entered in a black place, silent, cold... And he discovered that the woman was the... RED DEATH.

Chachín, escritor ocasional dijo...

Final Alternativo:
...It was 12 o' clock at night. The masked ball was very nice and Prince Prospero's friends were very happy. But Prospero didn't have a partner for the masked ball, so he was very sad and bored. He was in the black room, and he went to sleep.
One hour later the Prince suddenly woke up and he said: "Oh no, my arm is bleeding!" He was looking for the Red Death and he saw a dead rat covered with blood, and a hole in the wall. Prince Prospero ran in to the other rooms shouting:"The Red Death is here" and then he died....

Estefanía, Lunna y Laura dijo...

(final alternativo)
It was 12 o'clock at night and the clock chime as usual. But the next night the clock didn't chime and every body was surprised and frightened.
Prince Prospero went to the black room.The frightening light illuminated the clock.
He saw a man with a black mask.Prince Prospero approached the man, he took the mask and saw that the face was filled with blood. It was the red death. Nobody could go out of the castle and one by one they all died.
Years later,people could break the door and when they came in the castle,they found all the bodies.